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Custom Jewelry Dallas TX

Custom jewelry is our specialty, and we love helping bring your vision to life.  We use only the finest stones and metals to produce custom pieces that are, not only immaculate, but extremely valuable.  This process should be fun and stress free, and at GeVandov Design Studio we strive for just that.  We do not pressure customers or rush them.  We can create all kinds of custom jewelry from rings, to earrings, to necklaces, bracelets, men's jewelry, and more!  Let us know what you desire and our team will work with you to create a stunning piece made just for you.  Custom jewelry can range from all sorts of shapes, sizes, stones, and metals.  It is important to choose a jewelry maker, like GeVandov, who has had extensive experience working with all of these materials and has many custom jewelry pieces to show for it.

Custom Jewelry Makers Dallas


Having a custom piece of fine jewelry is a rewording feeling.  You have worked hard and your investment should be an asset both emotionally as well as financially.  At GeVandov we understand this, and our skills cover all angles: Meaning, we choose the finest stones and deliver them at the lowest cost, we work with you listening and suggesting achievable ideas, and we make sure to deliver a final piece you will be proud to own.  Come to our showroom and enjoy the feeling of creating something beautiful just for you.  We want to service all of your customer jewelry needs, and be your only Custom Jewelry Makers in Dallas TX.

Wholesale Custom Jewelry Dallas


GeVandov Design Studio delivers wholesale pricing on every piece of custom jewelry.  Whether you are an individual or business you will still receive wholesale prices and you do not have to buy in bulk.  You can buy 1 piece and you will still receive these low prices.  At GeVandov we feel ever customer deserves a fair price under retail.  We respect our customers budgets and we want you to be able to purchase as much jewlery as you desire knowing you are always getting a great appraisal value, low price, and finest quality.

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