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Gemstones are mostly mineral crystals, with the exception of certain rocks, and not mineral organic materials like amber, jet, and pearl. These crystals, when cut and polished, become amazing rarities.  Many unique custom jewelry pieces are made with rare gemstones, and they have been used throughout time.  Gemstones can be so beautiful and mesmerizing that many legends and tales have been told about certain, individual named, cursed stones.


Because gemstones are so unique and rare, pricing them is no easy task.  Working with a jeweler who has a GIA graduate gemologist on site is very important.  The size of certain rare stones can also have a priceless feel, so to speak, to jewelers who may not fully understand the specific stone, therefore loose pricing could occur.  We understand Gemstones and specialize in them.  It is our job to make sure our gemstones are of the finest quality, and that you pay the lowest priceable.

Custom Gemstones Jewelry Dallas

Are looking for a very specific gemstone, or maybe you are not sure the stone, but know colors and look you desire?  We can help you find the perfect gemstones and explain them to you.  We can also take your stones and design the most beautiful custom jewelry pieces with them.  We love Gemstones, they are so exotic and gorgeous, and our showroom houses many custom pieces using some of the most unique stones.  Check out our images and gallery through the site, then give us a call, and lets start looking at Gemstones.

Loose Gemstones Dallas Wholesale

Maybe you just want loose gemstones?  If that is the case then we have you covered at GeVandov Design Studio.  Come and see our assortment of loose gemstones, or let us know what you desire and we will find that perfect loose stone for you.  There are so many different types of loose gemstones in existence and we love talking customers about them.  Bring in your loose gemstones, see ours, or lets work together to find something really special for you.

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