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Jewelry Appraisal Dallas TX


Appraisals can be difficult for many jewelers often without them even realizing.  Appraising fine jewelry is not so cut and dry, especially with all of the different types of stones, gems, and precious metals that exist in the world.  Many times inaccurate information is given to people by jewelers.  Whether this is the fault of the jeweler on purpose or accident, it still happens daily.  A safe way to know if you are getting a good appraisal is to speak with a GIA graduate gemologist, who is on-site.  This will give you instant comfort knowing this individual has been trained and certified specifically in this field.  There is more to trusting your jeweler then just the certification.  Look at their history and track record.  GeVandov has both 15 years + of service in Dallas TX and a GIA graduate gemologist.  The most important thing to consider when appraising your jewelry and choosing your jeweler is that you are comfortable.


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Fine Jewelry and Loose Stones Appraisal Dallas
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